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Sound of Revival

Minister GUC

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Laolu Gbenjo

Judikay – Yes Lord

Judikay – Yes Lord (LIVE)

Chidinma – Jehovah Overdo

Chidinma – Jehovah Overdo

Sinach – Greatest Lord

GREATEST LORD is a declaration of God’s sovereignty and Lordship over all situations and circumstances the world is currently going through.

Ada Ehi – Everything

The song is a beautiful reminder of the confidence we have in our amazing Father – The Way Maker who keeps doing wonders in our lives and He will never leave nor forsake us still.

MoniQue – Timeless

“No amount of sunrises or sunsets can measure HIS movement. If you started at forever and kept going, you’d reach eternity and you still won’t see HIS beginning or ending. A million years or a millisecond neither makes a difference to HIS might, mystery or majesty. HE is TIMELESS; The ALMIGHTY for ALL TIME”